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 Tea for One
Design glass bowl with stainless steel...
Papierfilter Tossit Papierfilter Tossit
Closable filter bag with drawstring
Papierfilter M Papierfilter M
long tea filters
Dosierlöffel Dosierlöffel
For the perfect cup of tea
 Matcha Bambuslöffel
Original Japan Matcha Bamboo Spoon...
Japan tea bags Japan tea bags
64 pieces
Edelstahlsieb Edelstahlsieb
Perfect for any cup
Buffetglas - OHNE Befüllung Buffetglas - OHNE Befüllung
Buffet glasses 800ml | 250ml
Original Matcha-Besen Halter Original Matcha-Besen Halter
Matcha broom holder
Enzian Haferl - Geschenkset 0.35l Enzian Haferl - Geschenkset 0.35l
Shapely porcelain mug - capacity 0,35l
Thermomaxl tea egg Thermomaxl tea egg
For "tidy" tea
 Original Matcha- Besen
Original Japan matcha broom chasen
Herzal Box white Herzal Box white
Decorative gift box with manufactured...
Sanduhr Perfect Tea Sanduhr Perfect Tea
For the preparation of various types of...
Samba-Haferl blau Samba-Haferl blau
Vintage look enamel mug
Sugar sticks Sugar sticks
Bioteaque organic cane sugar sticks
Enzian Haferl - Geschenkset mit Edelstahlsieb 0,35l Enzian Haferl - Geschenkset mit Edelstahlsieb...
Enzian Haferl 0,35l with matching...
Porcelain mug white 0.35l Porcelain mug white 0.35l
Shapely porcelain cup – capacity 0,35l
Rauschberg-Brettl Rauschberg-Brettl
Serving tray with cutouts for teaspoon,...
Hario ice tea bottle Hario ice tea bottle
It's tea time! Elegant ice tea bottle...
Teewärmer Teewärmer
Tea warmer, so you can enjoy your pot...
Thermomaxl Thermomaxl
- 4 hours hot - 12 hours cool - 100%...
Gift set - porcelain mug incl. filter in gift box Gift set - porcelain mug incl. filter in gift box
Elegant porcelain mug, filter in gift box
Matcha - Schale Matcha - Schale
Handmade unique piece with engraving -...
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