MTB Bestseller Box

Our herbal tea-rooibos-black tea-fruit tea-green tea favourites

MTB Bestseller Box

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    This box is filled wit our favourite manufactured tea bags. The 15 tea bags are hand-filled and individually wrapped. 

    The box includes:

    Herbal tea: guada Luggi, gfeida Maxi, miade Moni, himmlische Helena, nette Nani

    Rooibos: fesche Fini

    Black tea: schwarza Beni, schwarza Louis, schwarza Seppi

    Fruit tea: scheene Leni, spritziger Quirin, pfiffiger Beppi

    Green tea: greana Gustl, schneidiger Hans, frische Resi

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MTB Bestseller Box MTB Bestseller Box
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