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BIO Matcha Platinum - Absolute top class for connoisseurs

Matcha pur | Zeus des Grüntees


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    This matcha from the province of Myazaki on the southernmost island of Japan belongs to the absolute top class. The hand-harvested Tencha leaves were shaded for 28 days before picking to develop a particularly fine-sweet taste and a round umami. Due to the long shading, the leaves contain a particularly high amount of chlorophyll, which gives the tea a wonderfully intense color. To produce 30 grams of this noble powder, the dried leaves, which have previously been freed from all stems and leaf veins, must be ground in a granite mill for one hour. This results in a top class product that will delight even the most refined connoisseurs of the Japanese tea ceremony.

  • Green tea*
  • mellow, tender

How to prepare our teas

Dosage Dosage
0,5 Teaspoons
Temperature Temperature
70 °C

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