Organic green tea | Pineapple flavour

g'schmeidiga Bartl


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NEU: Dieser Tee erfüllt bereits jetzt die neue Bio-Verordnung. Einige Rezepturen wurden daher minimal angepasst.

    The fact that the growing area of tea and pineapple are thounsands of kilometres apart, did not stop us from creating this new blend. When infusing the tea, the smell of fresh cut pineapples rises to your nose, which you can also taste from the first sip. The fine curcuma note makes this blend an even more exciting and unique taste experience.

  • Green tea*, apple pieces*, lemongrass*, natural flavour, curcuma powder*
  • aromatic

Who to prepare our teas

Dosage Dosage
2 Teaspoons
Temperature Temperature
80 °C
Brewing time Brewing time
2-3 minutes


liquorice root
liquorice root

apple pieces
apple pieces


orange zests
orange zests

mallow blossoms
mallow blossoms

chicory root
chicory root


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